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May 11, 2017
Merchant Services placed a "limitation" on our primary Paypal account attached to the Dimmerrack website (see below).
This limitation prevented any downloads, debit card usage, payments to FedEx or EBay fees of any kind.

When we contacted Paypal, their explanation was that "Dimmerrack has had a significant financial increase over the previous year."
Explanation: We're generating too much money. In truth, Dimmerrack is actually up 83% over 2016.

Paypal required us to complete and ship a host of jobs (most taken out of order) requiring tracking numbers.
When all of the jobs had shipped (and tracking numbers confirmed), Paypal still would not unlock the account.
Since more jobs were sold in the time taken to ship the required tracking numbers, this problem had no solution.

May 26, 2017
We initiated a "Mass Refund" of all pending/sold jobs and re-issued invoices on our sister site Panels and Parts.
During this week, the majority of our clients paid the invoices allowing us to download to our local bank.

June 4, 2017
Merchant Services placed a "limitation" on our secondary account attached to the PNP website (see below).
Because of our dependence on Paypal, this made us completely disconnected from credit card purchases.

June 5, 2017
All EBay auction are discontinued. Panels and Parts website was taken offline.
Website will be restored when credit card access is reactivated.

In the short term, RTG products can still receive payments for product via check, western union or wire transfer.
We are in the process of acquiring to accept electronic payment by phone.
The Comerica Bank IT department is currently working on the HTML code to re-establish the automated checkout on Dimmerrack and PNP.

We have been with Paypal for nearly fifteen years. Our company has steadily grown and during that time
we have never provided an environment or indication that any of this type of limitation was necessary.
It does take time to produce custom equipment but this unexpected delay is something we do not need to repeat.

We are still getting jobs out daily and are currently up to full production (even without Paypal)
Please contact me direct if you feel it necessary. Thomas Kappler-RTG Products Owner (734) 323-8916

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